Our mission is to give our customers an extremely high-quality garment. We do this by focusing on fit, fabrics, trimmings, customization and care.

We are constantly reworking our designs and creating new designs to improve the fit of our garment
and to ensure that every customers’ needs are being met.

We buy fabrics from the best mills in Italy, England, Scotland and Ireland. When buying canvases, shoulder pads,
lining and other trimmings, the comfort of the garment is top of mind.
We buy materials that result in creating a garment that has a softer, more supple hand.

We also provide our customers with a very high level of customization. Aside from being able to choose from our various fits
and our extensive collection of fabrics, we allow our customer to play designer by choosing linings, buttons and
other details that will take their garment to the next level.

An integral part of creating a high quality garment is the passion and care put into each piece. Every detail of the
construction of our product is examined and re-examined at many points in the production process
in order to make sure the garment we give you is the best we can possibly make.